Coffee Shop Reviews

Coffee Shop Reviews

Working as an ‘on-the-road’ business, I tend to frequent several coffee shops when I am looking to stretch my legs and switch up the office scenery (that being said, I’m not exactly a coffee expert, but I do know how I like my watered down espresso shots to taste). So with the encouragement/idea from a friend, I thought it would be fun to review and throw shout-outs to the local businesses that I visit when I go to work on my craft.

However, my main focus will be on critiquing the atmosphere and ambience of the shop, as well as determining whether it’s a suitable/comfortable place to get some work done. In this case, each review will be tailored more towards the mobile office crowd, and/or entrepreneur that might be looking to take a prospective client to, to talk about the brass tax.

Of course, if I find myself craving something off the menu, I’ll be sure to comment on that as well.

Obviously I’ll have to be patient with Covid lockdowns to seek out new places, but when I grab a to-go cup I’ll be sure to share my experience in the meantime.

Until then…

Peace oot Earthlings!

Photo by Fahmi Fakhrudin on Unsplash

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