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About Cardboard Spaceship

Danny Paquette

Owner & Creative Director

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Greetings earthlings! My name is Danny, and I’ve been flying around the Graphic Design business since 2008.

I graduated with High Honours from NAIT’s Graphic Communications program, and since then I have worked as a Junior Graphic Designer, Lead Designer, Pin-Monkey and Creative Manager prior to establishing Cardboard Spaceship.

Why the name?
Growing up; if I didn’t have a turtle van for my ninja turtles, I would design and construct one from a cardboard box. Basically, Mr. Dressup taught these wings how to fly.

Favourite Movies

High Fidelity
Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World
The Dark Knight
Back to the Future
How to Train Your Dragon

Java... beans

Americano – No Room


Computer – Apple
Phone – Android
Open – Illustrator CC


  • Who We Are

    We’re a creative company aiming to be the equivalent to your favourite ice-cream parlour! You know, the one you tell your friends to go to that has the best logo and web design services…
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