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You need a home online and we build them... renovate them, maintain them and set-up your home away from home; facebook, twitter, instagram, and many more!

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Our one true love belongs to logo design, but here at Cardboard Spaceship we tend to get around. We offer web design, print design & illustration too!

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You can also fuel the ship by selecting one of our other services; creative consulting, blog design, e-commerce, web hosting, domain registration and more.

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Top 5 Tech Myths

I follow plenty of tech peeps on the line via youtube, and I came across this short video on tech myths.

For quite a while I always wondered about plugging in your phone overnight, and the affect it would have on your battery. Also, it was interesting to know about closing your apps too… Enjoy!

Would You Brand Yourself?

You may have a tattoo already, or maybe you're considering one. Or maybe that temple of yours can not be defaced. However, there's probably one out there that you appreciate, as you broaden your taste for the fine arts...

History of Typography

The following video is an educational animated short of the birth and evolution of typography (don’t yawn, it’s creative!). Not only will you be able to pull your socks up a little higher today, you’ll have honed your hobbyist trivia knowledge platter.

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